How we got started in Labradors:

We have had dogs all of our lives and can't imagine life without dogs. They are God's perfect creature and we as humans can learn so much from them about unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Growing up, my Dad always had English Pointers and still does. He is an avid hunter. My Mom loved her Black Toy Poodles and we also had our share of wonderful mutts and adopted dogs. We also had other breeds of dogs... German Shepherd, Shetland Sheepdog and Chesapeake Bay Retriever to name a few.

After I grew up and married, my husband Steve and I had the most wonderful mutt, "Boo Boo" and a Shetland Sheepdog named "Odie". Our girls grew up with these dogs and many others along the way. 

My youngest, Brianna, especially took to dogs (and critters of all sorts!), and she seemed to have a special way with dogs. She had a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever cross and we enrolled them in an obedience class. Her dog, "Maxie" was getting older by now and we decided to get her another dog and enroll her in 4-H. She wanted a Border Collie so we started watching the Border Collie rescue site. My Sister called and told us about an ad in the paper for a 15 month old male Border Collie that they were giving away. I called  straight away and we went to look at him that night. He was purebred but not AKC registered. He belonged to the son of a breeder who raised and trained Border Collies to work cattle. Ironically (now), the son wanted a Labrador Retriever because he was getting into duck hunting so his Dad told him that he would have to find a good home for "Flint" (his Border Collie). Evidently "Flint" wasn't a good cattle dog, so he was just a pet. We fell in love with this beautiful Sable and White young male Border Collie and took him home that night. 

Brianna joined 4-H with her new dog and during the course of her years in 4-H, ended up winning State Champion in Obedience 3 times as well as earning a CD and CDX in Obedience with him in AKC shows. Brianna's 4-H leaders had Labrador Retrievers and introduced Brianna to a local Labrador breeder. The breeder had Brianna show a couple of her dogs in the breed ring at AKC and CKC shows and then offered Brianna a co-ownership of a 10 month old Chocolate female Labrador Retriever to show as a project in Junior Handling and the breed ring. We all fell in love with "Roca" (Cedarwood Almond Roca Divine). Brianna did very well with Roca earning her way into Open in Junior Handling in both AKC and CKC shows. She also finished Roca's Canadian Championship in style with a Best of Breed win over Specials. The very next day at the show, she went Group First! That was an exciting weekend! By this time, it was getting close to time for breeding Roca. Brianna was offered a puppy from Roca's first litter. She chose "Purple girl" from the litter and we named her "Cedarwood Divine Dark Guinness", our beautiful Guinny. Brianna and I co-own Guinny together and have bred her to the stunning "Venetian's Copy That".

Brianna chose "Scarlaw Labradors" as our kennel name. "Scarlaw" is the name of the house/farm in Scotland where my Great Grandfather grew up. His family were the "shepherds" of this Scottish sheep farm. He came to America in 1893 earning his passage by tending sheep on a ship. We were fortunate enough to visit Scarlaw in Scotland in 1999. The old stone house is now used for storage but is still standing. We met the current "Shepherdess" of the farm. So that is where the name "Scarlaw" comes from.
We look forward to future breedings and showing our girls. At this point we wish to remain small and focus on quality over quantity.